Friday, May 2, 2014


culled from SISIYEMMIE

So I was invited by Tosin (the guy) to Silverbird Galleria yesterday (May 1st) because he intended
to propose to his girlfriend Bimbo who is such a cutie by the way! I love proposals and I couldn't say no, so I went! The setting was this: Tosin took over the viewing room, so only his guest were allowed in and he was kind enough to give us free popcorn and drinks... love that.

What I love also? It was not a boring movie we saw, it was The Other Woman and as we got to the climax of the movie, the screen just changed and Tosin's collage of the couple was displayed on the screen *sniff sniff. Next thing Tosin was on one knee abi both knees sef and was asking "Will You Marry Me"...Watch the video below and I hope you enjoy!!!


...There are good men out there... Congratulations bimbo and tosin

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  1. Awww, cute couple. Nigerian men are becoming more romantic by the day. Me likey!

    *sunni 100%*